Wingspan’s Staff Hailed by Fire Chief as Heroes: Help Needed


How You Can Help During This Time of Loss

A devastating fire broke out at a Wingspan group home in Roseville at 10 AM Thursday morning. Thanks to the training and cool-headed response by our onsite staff, Brenda and Nasu, the residents at home were delivered to safety in less than two minutes. All, including two in wheelchairs, escaped without injury; Roseville Fire Chief Tim O’Neil hailed the caregivers as heroes. Although the flames were put out within 20 minutes, the damage to the home is extensive. We are grateful to these brave women, to the Roseville Fire Department, and to our other staff and community responders who so quickly provided support including the American Red Cross and Adam Grunz, Director of Sales at Sonesta Extended Stay Suites.

As we look for a new home for the four men of Woodbridge house, they and staff will stay at a hotel. This is a very emotional time for the men, as many of their possessions are not salvageable—sports memorabilia, other treasures, pictures, clothing and other things that gave them a sense of pride and identity. In the next few days we will have more specific information about items that we need. We know we will have to completely furnish a new house. For now, cash donations will help most.

Here are some of the personal things we need to replace: For Tom—he lost some precious sports memorabilia. Any sports items related books, clothing (L), or merchandise would be appreciated. Guy needs a radio with headphones and a TV (clothing size is L ). George (size L) would like a book bag or backpack and comic books. Chris loves baseball hats, he needs a new ipod for his memory games, and his clothing size is XL or L.

Click here for online donations, or mail a check to our Wingspan Central Office at 30 East Plato Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55107.  Call 651-646-3846 for information, to donate by phone, or to discuss a fundraiser you have in mind. Please share this information with others.

This unfortunate incident has been traumatic for all of us at Wingspan. We are grateful for the outpouring of concern and kindness. Thank you for wrapping your arms around all of us as we continue to provide the very best care and for all of those we serve.


Therese Davis
Executive Director