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Wingspan Life Resources homes are just like yours -- there are always maintenance needs such as painting and refurbishing, replacing appliances, maintaining driveways and the list goes on and on. Additionally, the limited mobility of some of our residents oftentimes means building ramps for wheelchair access, adapting doorways, flooring and bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs. Each year we evaluate the need for new furnaces, air conditioners and roofs. These maintenance costs usually run about $160,000 annually in addition to $140,000 per year for utilities and insurance costs.

We drive our residents to medical appointments, therapy sessions, day programs or job and to outings and events that allow them to experience the joys of being out in the community. Their mode of transportation is an aging fleet of 44 vehicles; some of which are 10-plus years old and have clocked more 100,000 miles. Sixteen of our vehicles are handicap accessible with lifts to help those residents who have limited mobility. Due to the age of the fleet, we anticipate approximately $65,000 in repair and maintenance costs and another $35,000 annually in insurance fees.



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What Our Volunteers Have to Say...

We were treated beautifully by Sharron and the residents, and we loved having the opportunity to interact with them. They made a special point of coming out, dressed in their finest, to thank us before leaving to attend a wedding. They were gracious, cheerful and very appreciative. To top things off, each of them had signed individual thank-you cards that Sharron handed out to us. It made our day!