Residential Services


Wingspan currently operates 33 homes in Ramsey, Hennepin and Dakota counties for adults with developmental disabilities. We are dedicated to a standard of care that far exceeds required rules and regulations and have long been proud of our unique program and our many staff that truly love what they do.   

Each residence is a family home environment where people have the security and freedom to be themselves, enjoy life and take part in the community. As part of Wingspan’s belief that the homes belong to the people who live there, Wingspan staff provides 24-hour-a-day support and assistance for residents but do not live in the homes.

Living your best life means something different to each of us and Wingspan is committed to hearing everyone’s voice, assuring we understand what each individual wants and needs as we work together to develop a service plan that works for each individual we serve.

Because no one’s life stays the same, services are adapted to each person’s changing needs, making possible lasting relationships and a lifelong, stable environment.

People who live in Wingspan homes lead busy, active lives. With the assistance of Wingspan staff and volunteers, residents can choose from a wide range of group and individual home activities, participate in household tasks such as meal preparation, or pursue hobbies such as painting and needlework. They go on outings to church, movies, bowling, restaurants, and on vacations. Each year, people from all the Wingspan homes get together at picnics, holiday festivities, dances and other special events.

For information about openings at a Wingspan home, please contact Jeff Hager, Program Director at or 651-242-5842.

What Our Families Have to Say...

Richard Stellner, guardian of Paul at 29th Avenue writes,

“As Paul’s cousin, I am very honored to be his guardian and see him thrive with all the wonderful staff at Wingspan.  I am happy Paul is well taken care of and feels comfortable at his Wingspan home. He is definitely more talkative now. The last couple years at the house with his ailing mother were not good. unfortunately. That did have an impact on Paul, but I am so very happy Paul at Wingspan appears to be resilient and is his normal self again.”


-Richard Stellner