Wingspan Care Lets Parents Sleep at Night

“Our family, not only Lynn, has been welcomed with open arms.”

Darlene Bergerson: “Back then, almost 50 years ago, the advice from doctors was to put this child in an institution.”

LeRoy Bergerson: “It was never an option in the first place, we were going care for and love this child, like nothing had ever happened. It was probably the best decision we’ve probably ever made.”

Therese Davis, Wingspan COO:
“So people are living at home, well into adulthood, sometimes even into their forties and fifties. Their parents begin to age and can’t handle it anymore and then we might see a referral.”

LeRoy: “And also I think we thought she’d probably be happier with her peers.”

Narrator: “It’s clear that they’ve made this their home and that the environment is providing stability while fostering personal expression.”

Unknown Voice “What are you listening to?”

Resident: “Peter, Paul and Mary.”

Narrator: “It’s also an example of how we’re seeking to bring technology into their environment, not only to modernize the homes they live in, but to connect them to more of the things and people they love.”

LeRoy: “You there? Who’s that?”

Lynn: “Mommy. Hi, I’m going to see you Saturday.”

Darlene: “I can see you right now. Look up at me and talk.”

Staff member: “What she got for you?”

Darlene: “Our family, not only Lynn, has been welcomed with open arms. It didn’t take long before we were moving Lynn in. We received the best Christmas present ever December 1, 2012, moving day into Thomas House, and it didn’t even have to be wrapped. We are so pleased with the care and compassion shown by all the staff. We’re not having sleepless nights like before as we have seen a nice change in Lynn. She is also back in the community, working some. We are looking for even bigger and better things to happen in her life, and we know it will with Wingspan.”

Darlene & LeRoy Bergerson
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