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Wingspan Life Resources strives to improve the lives of the people we serve by creating a meaningful life which allows them to stay engaged in the community and to realize their own unique gifts, talents and dreams.

Volunteering is an opportunity to enhance the quality of life by helping people who are developmentally disabled to remain connected to the rest of the community, and helping them to develop new relationships.

We have the following volunteer positions available in Minneapolis and St. Paul:

Activity Buddy

Drive an individual to church, a sporting event, an outing like fishing, or to educational programs. Meet someone in their home and work on a scrap-booking project or a puzzle. The possibilities are endless.

Yard Maintenance/Gardening

We have several homes you would enjoy sprucing up and the people who live there would love it!

Please help us improve the lives of the people we serve by providing a lovely yard and beautiful garden for them to enjoy. You would take great pride in seeing your hard work change the lives of the people we serve.

Home Maintenance

We are always looking for individuals and groups who are interested in maintaining our residential
homes. Projects may include painting, fix-it projects and cleaning garages.

Spring Gala Committee

Assist in the planning and preparation of the annual Spring Gala.

For more information about Wingspan’s Volunteer Program, please contact Pam Carlson, Director of Operations at pcarlson@wingspanlife.org or 651-888-3114.

Apply to Volunteer Now!

Thanks, Drake Bank

Four volunteers from Drake Bank did a fabulous job painting some interior walls as well as the porch at our group home on Troseth Road in Roseville. Thank you Annmarie Becker, Dan Batten, Melissa Hagood and Dani Schmaus! If your team or group would like to help with yard work or painting needs at any of our group homes throughout the Twin Cities, please contact Pam Carlson, Director of Operations, at 651-888-3114 or pcarlson@wingspanlife.org. We also have opportunities to be a “buddy” to residents or help at special events.


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