Color Us Amazing

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High Flyers

Employee Appreciation 2019 The Beryl Wolney Award was named after a woman who worked at St. Ann’s Residence for many years. The women there cherished her as a beloved friend; there was no one they respected more than Beryl. She was a role model to … Read More

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Client Profiles

Meet Michelle Michelle is a resident of Sheridan House. If you look up the definition of “Go Getter” in the dictionary, you might very well find Michelle’s picture! Michelle leads a full and busy life, yet she finds time to raise funds for her house … Read More

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At Wingspan Life Resources, we believe that life is to be lived to its fullest. That means creating opportunities that ignite our residents’ potential and encourage them to thrive. The following activities are just some of the ways we promote our residents growth. The Wingspan … Read More

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